animation of Artis brand collaborating with Swarovski Crystal brand to offer the Elite Oval 7 and the Fini Brush with crystals embellishments

sheer sophistication

We have married the Heirloom Quality of the Artis Brushes to the Elegance of the Swarovski Crystals and created a Limited Edition offering of our most popular brushes.

Elite Mirror Oval 7 with Swarovski Crystals→

Fini Brush with Swarovski Crystals→

Uniform Application Makeup applies more uniformly due to the CosmeFibre®. The uniform structure of this engineered fibre plus the tapered ends helps apply product more consistently than animal hair. Artis brushes on average have 3 - 10 times as many individual fibres as conventional brushes. More fibres do more work with every pass across the surface of the skin.
Retains Shape CosmeFibre® is made with a proprietary material that has some shape memory. This helps each fibre retain its shape better than conventional animal hairs. If a brush ever gets bent from compression during storage, you can revive the shape by holding the brush under hot running water or in steam for a few seconds, reshaping, and then allowing it to dry back to its original shape.

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