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I wasn’t actually looking for new makeup brushes when I discovered the Artis Makeup Brushes. I saw the on Instagram and a few other places. The different handle shape and dense brush head had me interested. After using for a few months I have put together a Artis Makeup Brush Review.

I’ve tried several different make up brushes and sponges before the Artis brushes. Some brushes didn’t blend my foundation well. The last few years I’ve been using a beauty blender. While it does blend well and create a smooth finish, I think the sponge absorbs a lot of my foundation and concealer. There are several lower end brands that look like an Artis Makeup Brush dupe but I wanted the original brand.

While reviewing the different sizes and shapes online I decided I wanted two brushes. I wanted a brush to apply foundation and one that applied concealer. I ordered the Elite 3 Brush set because it was a better deal to get 3 brushes. It comes with the Oval 7 Brush, the Oval 7 and the Linear 1.

Everyday K Artis Makeup Brush Review


After the first application, I liked the brushes! They are designed to be used with liquid, cream or powder products. The shape of the brush handle allows you to apply light or soft pressure. It’s easy to grip and guide the brush to blend your products easily.

The bristles on every brush are really dense but also soft and feel great on your skin. I had read because of the density of the brushes, very little product is absorbed by them. The first time I used them I realized this is very true! I applied my foundation to my face and had way too much. Since then I’ve used less foundation and concealer each time I apply makeup.

The Artis brushes easily create a smooth finish. They glide across and blend your product on your face. I also applied my products quicker than with other brushes and sponges. Whiley they are a bit of an investment, I believe these brushes are definitely worth the price. The Artis site gives 20% off your first purchase. They are sold out of a lot of the brushes so I have linked other sites that have them.


The Oval 7 Artis brush is great for foundation, blush and bronzer. I mainly use it for my liquid foundation. I’ve been using both this Beauty Counter foundation for lighter coverage and this It Cosmetics for full coverage. (see make up routine here). The Oval 7 brush is the around the size of the apple of your cheeks so you can quickly apply your foundation. What I really like is how you can blend some foundation down your neck easily so you can completely avoid having a line of where your makeup stops.

The brush isn’t too big that you can’t be precise with blush or bronzer. I apply blush on the apple of my cheeks and the up to my hairline. With bronzer, I’ll apply a tiny bit along my hairline and in the hollows of my cheeks. Because the bristles don’t absorb much product you get a big color payout so be careful to not apply too much!


The Oval 3 brush is perfect for the details. I use it to blend my concealer (love this one). I typically apply concealer under my eyes, around my nose and sometimes around my lips. Like the bigger brush, it blends products really well. I particularly love it for my under eyes. Some days I just apply concealer and no foundation. I like how well the it blends that there isn’t a harsh line where the product stops. While I don’t usually wear eyeshadow the Oval 3 brush is a great size for that as well.


The Linear 1 was a bonus brush because I hadn’t planned on buying it but it came with the set. While I don’t use it as much as the other two, it is still a great brush. When I wear eyeliner the Linear 1 brush is great to apply it or blend it out. It can create a pretty thin line. It can also blend your eyeliner with it for a smoky look.

This post was originally posted in April 2021 but has been updated.

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