The Hyperblend Kit


Maximize your beauty and skincare ritual harnessing the power of light this winter. With this new limited-edition kit, we invite you to experience Artis’ newest innovation, Hyperblend Pro Finishing Pens in a new way: A set of four complementary finishing tools designed to uniquely interact with light and deliver an assortment of effects on the skin (mattification, gloss, glow, and contouring) without the use of colored pigments. This kit comes complete with our iconic Elite Rose Gold Oval 7 brush to blend and a drawstring cover for safekeeping, plus two convenient brush cleaning tools, this set will have your fresh, glowing skin ready to brave the colder weather.


  • Hyperblend Pro Finishing Pens
  • Elite Oval 7 Brush in Rose Gold Finish
  • Brush Cleaning Pad, Travel-Sized
  • 1 Drawstring Cover 
  • Brush Cleansing Wipes (10-Count)

Value of $147.50

Final sale.