The Winter Essentials Kit


Say goodbye to dry skin this season with Artis’ Winter Essentials Kit, featuring both a sleek and chic Elite Matte Black Oval 7 Brush and our iconic Digit Skincare Oval 8 Brush, a set of Hyperblend Pro Finishing Pens, and two treatments of Artis’ innovative skincare offerings. Complete with two fan-favorite brush cleaning tools and a large travel case, your skin will thank you all winter-long. Whether you choose to pamper yourself with the Artis Phantom Cleansing Silks to combine a traditional 3 step cleansing process (oil, foam, and exfoliation) into one meditative ritual, or you’re looking to add subtle effects to the skin with the Hyperblend Pro Finishing Pens – this kit has something for everyone.


  • Elite Oval 7 Brush in Black Finish
  • Digit Skincare Oval 8 Brush
  • Hyperblend Pro Finishing Pens
  • 1 Phantom Silks Skincare Primer with Hyaluronic Acid
  • 1 Phantom Cleansing Silks Sachet
  • Brush Cleansing Foam 
  • Brush Cleaning Pad, Travel-Sized
  • Large Silver Travel Case 

Value of $274

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