Next Generation 2021 Elite Oval 4


The updated 2021 design of the Artis Elite Collection Oval 4 is produced using a proprietary new premium metal alloy that has a luxurious density, increased durability, and feels even smoother to the touch. The Oval 4 fibre bundle is about the size of the end pad of your little finger and is designed to apply and blend eyeshadow, concealer, and highlighter. 

The Oval 4 brush is designed to be used with liquid, cream or powder products such as:

  • Concealer
  • Eyeshadow
  • Highlight
  • Foundation
  • Powder, loose or pressed
  • Focused Skincare products

The Elite Collection handles use paired elliptical/oval shapes with an oval fibre bundle that mimics areas and shapes of the face. The double oval design and unique bundle orientation is exclusively patented by Artis, and CosmeFibre® is trademarked. 

As we are currently transitioning to more sustainable packaging, your item may include packaging alternatives to help decrease our carbon footprint.