Artis Gift Set: Better Travel, by Design: Luxe Edition Kit

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We all have to admit that traveling can get the best of us. Between packing for the big trip and hauling everything to and from the airport, it can be difficult to keep up with our home routines while we’re away. That’s where the Better Travel, by Design: Luxe Edition Kit comes in to make your next trip one step easier.

With the Luxe Edition of the Better Travel, by Design Kit, you’ll have every brush you need to create the variety of looks you’ve been craving for every occasion and destination.

This limited edition set includes our remarkable Digit brushes, perfect for hassle-free makeup on the go, as well as our Palm Brush and Palm Brush Mini for all things complexion and beautiful blending.

The Premier Brush Cleaning Pad and Brush Cleansing Wipes complete the set, along with our Artis Brush Case and Luxury Travel Case for our Digit brushes to house all the beauty items throughout your travels.

The Better Travel, by Design: Luxe Edition Kit includes:

  • Luxury Travel Case for Digit brushes
  • Digit Linear 1
  • Digit Linear 1 Demi
  • Digit Linear 3 Demi
  • Digit Circle 1
  • Digit Circle 1R
  • Digit Oval 3
  • Digit Oval 4
  • Digit Oval 6
  • Digit Oval 7
  • Digit Oval 8
  • Elite Mirror Palm Brush
  • Elite Mirror Palm Brush Mini
  • Brush Case, Grey
  • Brush Cleansing Wipes
  • Brush Cleaning Pad, Premier

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