Complete Fluenta Eye Kit


We’re unlocking the vault for a limited time only to bring you the Complete Fluenta Eye Kit - curated with every Fluenta brush needed for all precision or targeted area applications.

Our Fluenta Collection was crafted in 2015, featuring newly designed handles with a flowing, linear shape from the bottom of the handle to the curved fibre bundle cap. This artistic flow of form offers another new aesthetic of how to think of, see, and use makeup brushes. The unique, patented, Fluenta Collection brushes feature a handle shape that flows and curves elegantly until ending with either an Oval, Linear or Circular fibre bundle, containing thousands of proprietary, trademarked CosmeFibre®.

The Complete Fluenta Eye Kit includes:

  • Fluenta Circle 1
  • Fluenta Circle 1R
  • Fluenta Linear 1
  • Fluenta Linear 3
  • Fluenta Oval 3
  • Fluenta Oval 4

Value of $260

Final sale. Not eligible for promotions.