Artis Digit Skincare 5 Brush Set in Coffret

$125.00 Regular price $225.00

Designed especially for skincare, Artis Digit Skincare Brushes provide an option for soothing, hydrating and protecting all skin types. The fibres of the proprietary CosmeFibre bundles boast a proprietary oleophobic coating, designed to maintain the formulas of skincare products.

The coating helps serums, creams and oils easily slip off the fibres and onto the skin. These CosmeFibre bundles are densely packed, and each fibre tapers to a microscopic tip, to ensure that you get the most even application of your favorite skincare products.

  • Digit Skincare Oval 8
  • Digit Skincare Oval 6
  • Digit Skincare Oval 4
  • Digit Skincare Circle 1
  • Digit Skincare Circle 1R
  • Essential Cleaning Pad