Digit Skincare Oval 4


The Oval 4 has one of the smaller fibre bundles of Artis’ Oval brushes, with a bundle about the size and shape of a large almond. It is ideal for application of skincare products in targeted areas.

Created with a skincare focus, the fibres of the proprietary CosmeFibre bundles boast a one-of-a-kind coating, designed to maintain the formulas of skincare products, while improving brush clean-up of tricky serums, creams and oils. These CosmeFibre bundles are densely packed, and each fibre tapers to a microscopic tip, to ensure that you get the most even application of your favorite products.

The Digit Skincare Oval 4 brush is designed to be used with skincare products such as:

  • Eye Creams
  • Eye Primers
  • Serums (in targeted areas)
  • Masks (in targeted areas)

Enjoy a complimentary, dove grey brush case included with the Digit Skincare Oval 4.