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Cleaning Your Artis Brush

Artis brushes have 3 to 6 times as many individual fibres as a traditional brush. In the Oval 10, for example, there are over 300,000 individual fibres. This maximizes the application, but it means that Artis brushes should be cleaned differently than a traditional makeup brush.

The makeup product you are using is mostly adhered to the tapered tips of the fibre bundle of an Artis brush, and rarely gets down onto the fibre shaft or base. Having the product only on the tips makes the brush more efficient and effective.

So, the cleaning of an Artis brush really is a cleaning of mostly the tips. Using a conventional brush cleaner, [which are mostly made with water with a little alcohol and detergent], can work with an Artis® brush if you don’t “drown” the entire fibre bundle with the cleaner. Artis fibres don’t absorb water nearly as much as a traditional animal hair brush, but because there are so many fibres, the water can be held between fibres due to capillary action. With so many fibres in the bundles, they can hold on to a good deal of water between the fibres. And if that happens, it can take a while for the brushes to dry.

There are two main ways to clean your Artis brush.

Clearing: If you are using mostly powder products, like an eye shadow or powder foundation, you can clear the Artis Brush by moving the brush tips across the microfiber cloth a few times. This will eliminate the powder particles from the fibre tips and you can then use the brush to apply other colours. 

Cleansing: If you are using non-powder formulas, [which may adhere to the fibres more readily], you can cleanse the fibres using a makeup brush cleanser. The recommended method of cleansing an Artis brush is to place a small dollop of the sanitizer/cleanser foam onto a microfiber cloth and dip the fibres into the foam, then move the Artis brush fibre tips across the surface of the antimicrobial-treated microfiber cloth. This will clean away the product debris and will sufficiently cleanse and sanitize the Artis brush tips without overly saturating the rest of the fibre bundle.

How to Clean and Care for Your Artis Brushes