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Artis Collaborates with Vlada Haggerty [@vladamua] for Vegan Fashion Week in L. A.

Artis Collaborates with Vlada Haggerty [@vladamua] for Vegan Fashion Week in L. A.
Makeup Artist and Photographer Vlada Haggerty [@Vladamua] and Artis are offering an Artist Challenge to help support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine [Vlada’s home country]. The offering is in the form of a two-pronged approach that includes an Artist Challenge, and a special collaboration with Vlada and Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles.
“This meaningful partnership with Artis and Vlada is an illustration of creative minds coming together in a world and a time that truly needs it. In essence, creativity is a force for change, driving progress with compassion”
Emmanuelle Rienda, Founder & Creative Director, Vegan Fashion Week
Vlada Haggerty, aka @vladamua, has felt the effects of the humanitarian crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine in the strongest way. A native of Kyiv, Vlada has family and friends living in unimaginable situations that are foreign to most of us. To show support by raising awareness and funds for the humanitarian causes, Artis and Vlada have partnered together.
Vladamua x Artis have conceptualized an Artist Challenge featuring new Vladamua Lip Art creations. Beginning September 13th and each week for 4 weeks, Vlada will invite her followers, and the artist community at large, to create inspired-by art in any form, to lend their support and to help raise funds for worthwhile causes. Vlada, along with two Guest Contributors, will choose the weekly winner. Along with judging final pieces, Guest Contributors will share Artist Challenge posts with their followers to encourage as many entries and eyeballs as possible.
Donations of any amount, large or small, are encouraged and all will benefit humanitarian causes.
Vlada and Artis will be offering for sale these beautiful limited edition pins to raise funds for a cause close to Vlada’s heart – Masha Foundation.
The Artis vision for involvement resulted from a desire to make a difference given daily reminders of the struggles facing the population of Ukraine. Partnering with an artist like Vlada was a natural fit. The art pins will be also offered for sale on the Artis website for a limited time, and proceeds will be contributed to the cause.
In addition, Artis has donated a unique Ruby Encrusted Elite Oval 7 Brush, which will be auctioned at a VIP Reception to kick off Vegan Fashion Week on October 10. Funds raised from the auction will benefit Ukranian designers and will be awarded through the Vegan Fashion Week Mentorship Program. Artis is the Official Makeup Brush Partner for Vegan Fashion Week 2022.
The media partner for Vegan Fashion Week is Vogue.
Vlada Haggerty will be keying the lead show at Vegan Fashion Week with Ukrainian designers showcasing their talent and creations.
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