• Does Artis offer free shipping?

    Artis offers free shipping on all orders $90+ within the United States. Free international shipping is available to the rest of the countries and territories we ship to on orders over $150+ (VAT not included), with the inclusion of Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska. Australia and New Zealand are eligible for free shipping on orders $300+ (VAT not included).

  • What is your return policy?

    You are eligible for a refund for unopened product within 14 days of delivery of your byartis.com order. Please return your purchased item(s) in the original condition and packaging to the address listed below. If eligible for a refund, neither the original nor the return cost of shipping and handling will be repaid, and a restocking fee of 5% will be deducted from the original payment. Items purchased as "final sale" are not eligible for return.

    In case of orders including a gift with purchase, the gift with purchase must be included in the return to be eligible to receive a refund for the full order. If the gift with purchase is not returned with the remainder of the order, the retail cost of the items will be deducted from the eligible refund amount. 

    To initiate a return, email customercare@byartis.com for more information. Please note that our return address will differ from the original sender.

    Also, provide the tracking number for the package so we can process your return as quickly as possible. Once we have received your return, please allow 10 business days for us to process your refund.  

    Please refer to our Shipping and Returns page HERE for our Holiday Return Policy.

  • How can I clean my brushes?

    The best method is to use our Brush Cleaning Pad and Brush Cleansing Foam, which thoroughly cleans the fibres. It also is formulated so that dry time is only a few minutes, unlike other brands of cleansers. Use the Brush Cleansing Foam along with the Brush Cleaning Pad with microfibre cloth, and your brushes will be clean and fresh-smelling in just minutes. Dispense a small dollop of the foam onto the Cleaning Pad surface, then dip the tips of the brush into the foam and proceed to move the tips back and forth across the clean surface of the microfibre cloth until all makeup debris is removed from the brush tips, and any foam residue is thoroughly removed from the brush fibre bundle. For removal of really sticky or stubborn pigments or formulas, repeat the foam application and cleaning procedure several times until all the residue is gone from the fibre bundle. Occasionally, if you notice a residue buildup and see the fibres begin to cluster together or get stiff, rinse the fibre bundle under warm water to make sure all the cleaning, or makeup residue, is washed away. To clean the handle and grip pad, use a dry or slightly damp soft cloth.

    We recommend using our Artis cleaning products, a dish soap like dawn or baby shampoo to deep clean your brushes.

  • How often do I need to clean my brushes?

    Professional Makeup Artists clean their brushes after every use. If you are the only user of your brushes, you may get away with cleaning them every few days or when it is necessary to switch from one color to another or one product formula to another. You should at least cleanse and sanitize your cosmetic brushes once a week. Consider how often you cleanse your own hair and use that timeline when deciding how frequently to clean your brushes.

  • I just placed my order and then saw that you're having a sale on the product I purchased. Do you offer price adjustments?

    If promotions are held or products marked down after you've placed your order (excluding clearances and final sale orders), written requests for price adjustments will be honored up to 7 days from original purchase date only for items purchased on byArtis.com. Price adjustments (excluding taxes) are issued in the form of store credit as an e-gift card to be used on a future purchase on byArtis.com. We are only able to make that price adjustment while the lower price is still available, and cannot price match expired sale prices. There will be no price adjustments for shipping or clearance and final sale orders.

  • Who developed this line of products, and what's their background?

    Artis® was created by a professional makeup artist and industry executive, our Founder/Creative Director, Matthew Waitesmith. Matthew Waitesmith has worked in the cosmetic industry for over 40 years and was a former senior executive at MAC Cosmetics, one of the leading cosmetic companies in the industry. The goal is to offer brushes and other makeup artist tools in unique designs that make use of the latest materials and technologies to deliver true professional performance. The key philosophy is to achieve this goal with animal and environmental consciousness.

  • Are these brushes available internationally?

    Currently our brush collections offered through our website are shipped from our North American warehouse facilities and are available to ship internationally except to the following countries:

    Afghanistan, Aland Islands, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Anguilla, Antigua And Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Aruba, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Botswana, Bouvet Island, British Indian Ocean Territory, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Central African Republic, Chad, Chile, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Colombia, Comoros, Congo, Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Curaçao, Côte d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Faroe Islands, Fiji, Finland, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Gibraltar, Greenland, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guernsey, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Guyana,Greece, Haiti, Heard Island And Mcdonald Islands, Holy See (Vatican City State), Honduras, Iceland, Iran, Islamic Republic Of, Iraq, Isle Of Man, Jamaica, Jersey, Jordan, Kenya, Kiribati, Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Latvia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Macedonia, Republic Of, Madagascar, Malawi, Maldives, Mali, Martinique, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mayotte, Moldova, Republic of Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Montserrat, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nauru, Nepal, New Caledonia, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Niue, Norfolk Island, Pakistan, Palestinian Territory Occupied, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Pitcairn, Republic of Cameroon, Reunion, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Helena, Saint Kitts And Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre And Miquelon, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome And Principe, Senegal, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Sint Maarten, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Georgia And The South Sandwich Islands, South Korea, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, St. Vincent, Sudan, Suriname, Svalbard And Jan Mayen, Swaziland, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, United Republic Of Timor Leste, Togo, Tokelau, Tonga, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Turks and Caicos Islands, Tuvalu, Uganda, Ukraine, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, British, Wallis And Futuna, Western Sahara, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe

    For a list of retailers near you, please search our store finder here.

  • Why did you name the company Artis?

    Artis is Latin meaning "skill, method, technique, conduct, character." It is the root word for many other derivations like the word Artist, Artistry, Artistic. Artis® Makeup Brushes are tools that aid the user in creating makeup art. They help enhance the user's skills, provide an easy method for application and blending, and help create new makeup techniques. So, Artis seemed a perfect way to describe our commitment to designing makeup brushes and products for the modern makeup user.

  • Do you have a professional discount program?

    We have a new professional program that helps us acknowledge career makeup artists and those who use makeup brushes as a part of their profession. When a professional customer applies for and is accepted into to this program, we offer additional benefits including some products and pricing that are not available to those outside the program.

    You can find the overview of our APP [Artis Professional Program] at the APP link in the footer of each page of our website or use this link to take you to that page.

  • Which celebrities use Artis Brushes?

    Our brushes are used by many professional makeup artists and beauty editors, as well as celebrities who care about performance, aesthetics, and ethics. Visit our Press section to see more about who uses Artis Brushes. You may also find our Instagram feed an interesting source of who uses Artis Brushes.

  • Apart from your website, where else can I purchase these brushes?

    We are constantly looking for more ways to help make our products conveniently available to you. In addition to our own website, we are also available online at several e-commerce retailers. You can see a list of all the Retailers that carry Artis Products here.

  • What makes Artis brushes different than the ones I already have?

    Artis® Brushes are entirely unique. They are designed for self-application, unlike conventional makeup brushes that were designed to put product on something else or someone else. Artis® Brushes are designed to fit more comfortably in your hand and to apply product to the skin more ergonomically. Even the metal-plated handles are strategically weighted to provide more balance and ease of control. Artis® Brushes use a trademarked fibre called CosmeFibre® that is man-made, instead of conventional makeup brushes which are made with animal hairs such as goat, pony, and weasel. Using man-made fibre helps avoid the sensitivities many people have with animal hair, and also provides an ethical choice and consistent manufacturing quality. CosmeFibre® is more resistant to chemicals, UV, wear, and even has a memory that helps them keep their shape. The tip of every single CosmeFibre® is tapered to the size of around 3 microns which can’t be seen with the naked eye. This not only helps to deliver the most gentle makeup application you have ever felt, but also provides superior delivery of makeup formulas. Each Artis® Brush has 3-10 times more individual fibres than their closest counterpart in conventional makeup brushes. For example, the Oval 10 brush uses more than 250,000 individual fibres in each brush.

  • Why are Artis Brushes configured differently than other makeup brushes?

    Conventional makeup brushes use a basic design principle of putting a wad of fur on the tip of a wood stick and binding the two components together. This configuration has been used for thousands of years and is essentially an extension of the arm when used as a tool. The user can reach out farther with this configuration and can apply product/pigments to some other surface or person without having to use their own hand. Because makeup application for the past few thousands of years has been one person applying product to another, the conventional brush structure worked.

    The vast majority of people never applied makeup to themselves until after 1840, when the first affordable mirror manufacturing technique was invented. And then a few years later photography came into existence. Up until this point in history, no one really knew what they looked like, except from other people's descriptions or renderings. Suddenly, people could see their own reflection at home, and see photos of themselves. It became more important to try and enhance your looks, through makeup or self-grooming.

    The conventional makeup brushes of the past might have worked for putting pigment on someone else, but they were awkward to try to use for makeup self-application. Having to hold a conventional brush in the hand, then turn it backwards to point at your face, then look at your reversed reflection in the mirror, and then try to paint your face was a very uncomfortable experience. Artis brushes use a more natural and ergonomic configuration for the brush. Artis brushes are more like using your own fingers to apply product to your face. The fibres are positioned like the pad of your finger tip and the handle is configured like the length of your finger. This makes self-application a much more natural and easier experience. Add the use of CosmeFibre, and for the first time, you have a true makeup brush.

  • What type of materials are the brushes made of?

    Artis brush handles are made of a thermoformed resin with metallized finishes, like those used to make high-end automobile components, and the fibres are made of CosmeFibre® monofilaments.

  • Is the metallic finish of the brush handles rust-resistant?

    Our Artis brushes have a protective finish built into a layer of the handle, so under normal conditions it should not be affected by fingerprints, cleaning, pigments or rust. To keep our brush handles clean and sanitized, simply use a small amount of our Foaming Brush Cleanser and the supplied microfibre cloth to wipe all surfaces of the handle. Finish by wiping the handle with a slightly damp cloth.

  • What is CosmeFibre® and why do you use it?

    Animal hair has many problems when used to apply cosmetics: the hairs degrade quickly; the structure of the hair causes it to pick up product but not release it as well; some hair works with powders but struggles with liquids and emollient formulas; and hair can cause skin sensitivities for about 10% of the population. So, rather than try to mimic animal hair, we instead created a filament that would avoid the issues of animal hair, and perform well with powders, liquids and emollients.  CosmeFibre® is an engineered, monofilament fibre that is constructed and shaped to offer superior performance when applying cosmetic and makeup products. After years of research and development, CosmeFibre® is engineered and manufactured to exacting standards, and the quality is the same no matter when you buy your Artis brush. Unlike animal hair, which is a crop, and changes quality from animal to animal and season to season. CosmeFibre® has been trademarked and is used exclusively by Artis for makeup brushes.

  • How are synthetic or man-made materials preferable to animal hair hairs?

    Synthetic or man-made fibres are manufactured, and therefore can be more controlled in terms of the shape, finish, diameter, length and tensile strength than an animal hair. Each animal produces a different hair depending on its diet, environment and weather. This means there is no consistency from one animal to another and from one season or time of year to another. So, fur farmers sometimes mix the hair types all together to get a general level of quality for that hair bundle. Man-made fibres are consistent, so each brush manufactured is made to the very same standards as every other brush of that kind. You wouldn't want to buy a pair of jeans in your size at one store that turned out to be too large, another store was too small, yet another store was blue, and green at another. Even though the brand, make and size of the pants was supposed to be the same. Artis brushes uses a type of fibre that is a man-made monofilament. This is the premium fibre for making cosmetic brushes and is superior to other synthetic fibres like Taklon or Nylon. The Artis® CosmeFibre® resists moisture better, keeps it shape better and resists microbes better than other fibres. And out-performs animal fibres in testing.

  • Do these brushes last longer than animal hair brushes - are they more durable?

    The materials we use to make our brushes help the fibre bundles perform for years under normal conditions, and with proper care and maintenance. The CosmeFibre® fibres are more resistant to environmental challenges than are animal hairs, and with appropriate care and usage, should potentially last as long or longer than most animal hair brushes.

  • Is it true that synthetic brushes are only best for oil-based or crème-based formulations?

    Most makeup brush companies only offer synthetic fibres in brushes intended for the application of emollient type formulas. 

    Up until lately, the most available synthetic fibres for makeup brushes have been nylon and taklon, and both of those are mainly smooth and more rigid fibres. Emollients apply more easily from a brush that has a fibre bundle that is firm and smooth, and nylon was the choice for some brushes [e.g. foundation brushes].

    Those same companies avoided using the nylon in their brushes intended for powder application, because the smoother, stiffer nylon just didn't perform well in a brush bundle that was supposed to be soft and gentle. 

    But Artis® brushes exclusively make use of advanced fibres, here called CosmeFibre, which are available in many different shapes and textures, and allows us to make any style of brush that is currently made out of animal hairs.

  • Aren't synthetic brushes more hygienic than animal hair brushes?

    They certainly can be. In general, microbes prefer organic materials on which to multiply and grow. The microbes also prefer moisture and warmth. CosmeFibre® inhibits water from entering the fibre, and the surface of the fibre is less hospitable to microbes than animal hair. You still must regularly clean and sanitize all of your makeup tools including your brushes. This will help maintain a hygienic application of makeup.

  • Aren't synthetic brushes safer for people with allergies to pet hair?

    Yes. Most people with allergies to animals can find using traditional cosmetic brushes potentially irritating. They are surprised to learn that skin redness and/or irritation could be caused by their cosmetic brush. Using man-made fibres helps avoid this important sensitivity issue. The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, who specializes in allergies, estimates that 10% of the general population are allergic to animal hair. That's over 30,000,000 Americans who could be at risk using animal hair brushes.

  • Are Artis brushes hypoallergenic?

    Our fibres are statistically null in testing for allergic reactions, unlike traditional animal hair cosmetic brushes. In fact, some experts estimate that about 10% of the population are allergic to animal hair, which is one of the reasons we use CosmeFibre instead.

  • Is it true that bacteria & fungi adhere to animal hairs more easily than synthetic fibers?

    Bacteria and fungi can adhere to most surfaces, but they have evolved in nature to use organic materials like animal hairs as a perfect surface on which to thrive. Man-made materials tend to be a less friendly environment for such microbes.

  • Do Artis Brush fibers feature antibacterial qualities?

    Our brushes are made with CosmeFibre® which is a man-made fibre that naturally resists microbial growth. It does not inhibit microbes, as some brushes claim to do, with an "antibacterial" chemical coating. Our review of those brushes’ test results does not convince us of the effectiveness of other such antimicrobial coatings, so we at Artis would rather offer a fibre that does not encourage microbes, but still needs to be regularly cleaned and sanitized to maximize the safe performance of the brush. We feel this is the safer and more practical approach. As antimicrobial coatings get better and safer, we will investigate the use.

  • Are Artis brushes 100% Vegan?

    Our brushes are 100% animal-free. Our brushes are never tested on animals and are cruelty free. We believe in this claim so much, we have a trademark "Animal-Free Beauty."

  • What is the difference between Artis Brush design collections?

    There's no difference in quality between the Fluenta, Elite Mirror and Elite Smoke Collections, and Digit Collection. It all comes down to personal preference.

    Much like shoes and purses, each Artis Brush collection is designed to express a different sense of fashion, lifestyle and aesthetic. For example, the Fluenta brush design is inspired by the shape/movement of water flowing over an edge, which creates a deeper curve than the Elite Collection. The Elite Collection shape is a design/artistic example of Deconstructionism, whereas the Fluenta Collection is artistically a more Modern, fluid design statement.

    All Artis Brushes are constructed with ease of use and ergonomics in mind. Some Design Collections are deliberately designed to look more curvy or delicate, while others offer a more uniform/flowing size, shape and aesthetic. If you feel more comfortable with a Design that is more firm and more uniform with a deeper curve at the end, you may prefer the Fluenta Collection. If you like something more delicate looking, the Elite Collection may be more pleasing.

    There's no difference in fibre bundle performance between the Elite Mirror and Elite Smoke collections. While the Elite Mirror Collection was designed to simulate a liquid chrome look, the Elite Smoke Collection has a darker smoked chrome finish and grey grip pad.

  • I don't see a metal ferrule, as in other brushes - how do hairs stay in place?

    Our Artis® brushes represent a rethinking of what a cosmetic brush should be. They are a modern interpretation of the traditional shape makeup brush. A tool should be easy to use and get the job done for which it was designed. There is no need for a ferrule these days since there are many adhesives and other ways to integrate the fibre bundle into the handle of a cosmetic brush. We eliminated the need for a ferrule by the design and construction of these brushes. In fact, these brushes will keep the fibres intact far longer than a conventional brush, which often begins to lose hairs from the first moment you use it.

  • How long, with proper usage, do Artis brushes last?

    It is impossible to predict exactly how long a brush will last, since there are so many variables that impact the lifespan of a brush. But, Artis brushes are designed to last for many years with appropriate care and usage. This is one of the reasons we chose materials that are more lasting and durable than animal hairs or wood.

  • How do I ensure that the brush hairs return to their intended shape after washing?

    After cleansing the brush, press dry it using the microfibre cloth or a towel, and then use your fingers to gently re-shape the fibre bundle to an approximation of the original shape, if needed. This shape will then be maintained during drying and the brush will be in good shape for application.

    Should your brush accidentally get deformed from odd storage, you can generally revive the shape by dipping/swirling the fibres into warm water for a minute or so. You can also pass the tips of the brush through the steam from a fabric/clothing steamer. The heat of the water or steam will cause the fibre memory to activate and the fibres will likely return to their original shape.

    Let brush dry normally before reuse.

    Should your brush accidentally get deformed from odd storage, you can generally revive the shape by dipping/swirling the fibres into hot water for a minute or so. Or pass the tips of the brush through the steam from a fabric/clothing steamer. The heat of the water or steam will cause the fibre memory to activate and the fibres will likely return to their original shape.

    Let brush dry normally before reuse.

  • Do synthetic brushes dry more quickly than animal hairs after cleansing?

    If a synthetic brush is made from CosmeFibre®, it can dry more quickly that a Nylon or Taklon synthetic. This is because the CosmeFibre® monofilament resists absorption of water more effectively than the other synthetics. It also helps to use a brush cleanser that assists in the quick drying time, like our Brush Cleansing Foam.

  • How should brushes be stored when not in use?

    If a brush is clean, sanitized and dry, it can be stored in a container that keeps the fibre or hair bundles from being crushed or deformed. There are many different storage options available, from makeup cases to brush tubes, to brush rolls. We designed our Brush Case to comfortably store Artis Brushes, as well as conventional brushes. You can check out all Artis Accessories HERE.

  • How often should I clean or replace the Microfibre Cloth of the Brush Cleaning Pad?

    Everyone has a different sense of when something is clean, so the frequency of when you clean your brushes and how well you clean is something personal.

    If you use the Brush Cleaning Pad daily, we suggest you consider washing it or replacing it at least weekly. If you are a Professional Makeup Artist you should consider washing or replacing the Mircrofibre Cloth more frequently than the home makeup user, because you are working on many different clients as opposed to just one.

    Although the Microfibre Cloth has been treated with an antimicrobial treatment, that does not take the place of keeping it clean from the accumulated makeup debris, so please keep it as clean as you are comfortable with.

    You can wash the Microfibre Cloth up to about 10-15 times by hand or in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry, and still maintain the treatment. After that, the anti-microbial treatment is no longer viable, but the Microfibre Cloth will still effectively remove and clean makeup debris from the Artis Brushes.

    Avoid putting the laundered Microfibre Cloth in a hot dryer, as the fibres may be slightly degraded by the high heat of some clothes dryer devices. To maintain the fibre structure longer, you can let the Microfibre Cloth air dry.

  • What is "blending" actually - and how do you know when you're 'done' blending!?

    Blending generally means the moving around of pigment particles across and area of the skin so that the pigments blend together with other pigments, or so that the pigment application gets so thin that it becomes translucent and the skin shows clearly through the pigment layer. Blending is done by makeup artists when they want to change the dispersion pattern of the pigment to help suggest a three-dimensional shape or soft edge to a pigment application.

  • Are these brushes sold individually as well as in gift sets?

    Our brushes are both sold as sets and as individuals. Check our shopping pages for more details. Our sets represent the best pricing and value for many of our customers, and we plan to offer extended collection options for brush connoisseurs and collectors.

  • Do you sell brush belts, cosmetics bags or makeup kits?

    Currently we offer our Artis Brush Cases and Zippered Clutches. Both hold several brushes as well as the Brush Cleaning Pad and small Brush Cleansing Foam bottle.

    We are considering offering our "Artis take" on additional brush cleaning systems, brush cases/bags, travel accessories, portfolios and other tools associated with brushes. Email customercare@byartis.com if you have any feedback or suggestions on product innovations or development.

  • Do your brushes come in any other finish than silver, such as black or gold?

    Each brush collection we create has a distinctive look. The Elite Mirror Collection was designed to simulate a liquid chrome look. The Elite Smoke Collection is a reflective finish with a smoke grey overlay. This Elite Collection also is available in Rose Gold and Black Finish. Each collection offers brushes that are animal-free, beautifully designed, and offer superior professional performance made possible by the use of technologically advanced materials.

  • Is it true that animals whose fur is used for the manufacture of makeup brushes are treated cruelly? Don't they just snip off hairs - the way they do when shearing sheep, or do the animals die?

    Unfortunately, there is no uniform standard of ethical treatment for the animals used in the food industry. This is the industry that provides the hairs used in the manufacture of cosmetic brushes. The worldwide demand for cosmetic brushes has been dramatically increasing, and most of the supply comes from Asia and Asia Pacific countries. The farmers who raise and "harvest" the animals used for cosmetic brushes don't often care much about the conditions they keep for the animals. So, there are cases of horrible treatment of animals used for food/ fur and cosmetic brush hair. Organizations like PETA have worked for years to try and bring awareness to consumers of where their animal-derived products come from and how the animals are treated during the process. There are some videos available which capture the type of treatment these animals endure, and some are very disturbing. Those of us who have worked in the industry for years have mostly ignored the issue and were told by cosmetic brush sellers that the hairs were obtained ethically. But, once you think about it, it becomes obvious that most hairs used for cosmetic brush purposes could not all be simply snipped off the animal. Once you see a brush factory and see the workers with piles of squirrel and other animal tails on the table where they work, suddenly you realize those animals are not back at the farm growing new tails or pelts. We want to take animals out of the equation all together. Now there is no need for an animal to suffer to make a superior quality cosmetic brush.

  • What are animal hair brushes made of - what types of animals provide the hairs? What's a "sable"?

    The majority of traditional cosmetic brushes use animal hairs such as Goat, Pony, Ox, Badgers, and Weasels for example. But some companies claim may use other animal hairs such as Mink, Squirrel, Ferrets, "Sable", and even Dog and Cat. A true sable is a small carnivorous animal mostly farmed these days in Russia. It was used traditionally in the past because of its longer hairs and the fact that the hair shaft had a hollow space inside and the hair comes to a point. They are rare and only thrive in certain geographic areas and climates. Because of its great expense, sable fur is typically integrated into various clothes fashions: to decorate collars, sleeves, hems and hats. The so-called Kolinsky sable-hair brushes used for cosmetic brushes, and watercolor or oil painting are not actually manufactured from sable hair, but from that of the Siberian weasel.

  • Is it true that using brushes (rather than fingers or sponges) to apply makeup products reduces wrinkles - as the result of causing less pulling and tugging on the skin?

    Skin wrinkles can be due to three main causes. The first cause is genetics/aging. The second is UV exposure and resulting skin damage. And the third is movement of the skin, like facial expressions, or over manipulation of the skin from external sources. This repeated movement of the skin can eventually cause the collagen layers to be less elastic and can result in wrinkles. We think that the first two factors trump the third in terms of causing wrinkles. So, although there may be a slight difference in how much the skin is pulled from fingers vs. brushes, I would not worry about either.

  • Is it safe to share makeup brushes with my friends, without disinfecting them first between uses?

    Not really. Unless you have cleaned and sanitized your brushes before lending them to a friend, you might be passing on the microbes that live on your skin. Your body might be totally fine with those microbes, but chances are they will be foreign to your friend and could cause a reaction. Likewise, don't use a friend’s makeup brushes yourself, unless you have thoroughly cleansed and sanitized them. It won't kill you to use a dirty brush, but it is about the same health danger as touching doorknobs, shaking people’s hands and then licking your dirty hand.

  • Phantom Cleansing Silks

  • What are Phantom Silks?

    Artis Phantom Cleansing Silks are dissolving textiles that use breakthrough patented nanofibre technology to deliver a complex clean without a complex routine. Through the magic of design and technology, these oval-shaped Silks transform a traditional 3-step process – oil cleansing, foam cleansing, and gentle exfoliation – into one graceful, meditative and effective beauty ritual.

  • How often should Phantom Cleansing Silks be used?

    Everyone has a different preference for their skincare ritual, so the frequency of use is something personal. Some may choose to use Phantom Cleansing Silks daily, while others may find that 1-2 times a week is best for their skin.

  • How many Silks should I use at a time?

    Each sachet includes three Silks that are designed to cleanse your whole face in one use. However, you may use more at your own discretion.

  • How do I use Phantom Cleansing Silks?

    1. With dry hands, open sachet and remove film. Gently remove both silk and

    mesh from film (do not separate mesh from silk).

    2. Ensure skin is dry and place product on desired area, silk side on skin. Repeat

    for each silk used.

    3. Peel off mesh from silk.

    4. Allow cleanser to settle for 1-2 minutes

    5. Evenly wet silk by spraying with a water mist (preferred) or patting gently with

    wet hands.

    6. Rub in small circular motions for 1 minute to exfoliate, avoiding the eye area.

    7. Rinse well.

  • Are Phantom Cleansing Silks safe for all skin types?

    Yes, Phantom Cleansing Silks are intended for all skin types. As with any skincare product, please review the ingredient list for any sensitivities or allergies to specific ingredients, or consult your dermatologist.

  • What kind of testing has been done on Phantom Cleansing Silks?

    Phantom Cleansing Silks have been developed and tested to comply with stringent EU and FDA safety standards for cosmetics.

  • Can I use Phantom Cleansing Silks on my body?

    While the size and shape of the Silks were designed specifically to cleanse the face, they are safe for use on the body as well.

  • Can I use Phantom Cleansing Silks to remove eye makeup?

    Because Phantom Cleansing Silks include a gentle exfoliator, you should avoid using them in the eye area.

  • What are the three different kinds of cleaning?

    The oil cleanser gently lifts makeup, bacteria and pollutants off the skin. When adding water, the foam cleanser activates to remove the water-based impurities. The rubbing motion activates the exfoliator to remove dry and dead skin cells, and then all the impurities are washed away during the rinse step.

  • What is nanofibre technology?

    Nanofibre technology is a modern way of spinning a microscopically non-woven

    textile, which means the fibres are laid over each other at random. This creates a unique tapestry of extremely fine fibres that can carry actives but dissolve rapidly when wet, delivering the actives exactly where they are needed, when they are needed, enabling improved performance and efficiency.

  • Is nanofibre technology safe to use?

    The nanofiber materials used to manufacture the cleansing silks are specifically formulated and independently tested to be safe to use.

  • Phantom Silks Skincare Primer with Hyaluronic Acid Q&A

  • What are Artis Phantom Silks Skincare Primer with Hyaluronic Acid?

    Artis Phantom Silks Skincare Primer with Hyaluronic Acid is a two-piece nanofibre face mask that dissolves when wet, applying hyaluronic acid to the skin. The mask is designed to prime and prep the skin to help the moisturizing and hydrating skincare products you apply afterwards work most effectively and provide more moisture to the skin.

  • How often should Artis Phantom Silks Skincare Primer with Hyaluronic Acid be used?

    We recommend use twice a week for most people.

  • How do I use Artis Phantom Silks Skincare Primer with Hyaluronic Acid?

    Remove contents from sachet and, before applying, generously mist face with water using the Artis Misting Bottle.With dry hands, remove paper liner from mask.With mesh liner facing outwards, pick up mask pieces by the tabs and apply the mask to face using eye and mouth slits to guide.Generously mist face again to deliver mask into skin, then remove mesh overlay.While face is still damp from mask application, massage the skin with your fingers or a face roller. Immediately after, apply & blend your favorite moisturizer with your Artis brush.

  • Do I have to use a misting bottle for this product to work?

    While we suggest using the Artis Misting Bottle for the most even disbursement of water across the Artis Phantom Silks treatments, no, you do not need to use the misting bottle. You may use any water safe for application to the skin, such as that from your sink tap.

  • Are Artis Phantom Silks Skincare Primer with Hyaluronic Acid safe for all skin types?

    While it is safe for all skin types, if you haven’t used a product with these ingredients in it before or don’t know how it impacts your skin, we recommend consulting your dermatologist.

  • What kind of testing has been done on Artis Phantom Silks Skincare Primer with Hyaluronic Acid?

    Phantom Cleansing Silks have been developed and tested to comply with stringent EU and FDA safety standards for cosmetics.

  • What type of hyaluronic acid is used in Artis Phantom Silks Skincare Primer with Hyaluronic Acid?

    Phantom Silks Skincare Primer uses Hyaluronate with a low molecular weight, so it can penetrate deep into the skin and act as a primer for your favorite hydrating skincare products. Hyaluronate molecules with lower molecular weight are smaller and can reach deeper layers of the skin, thereby sustaining the skin's moisture. The concentration of Sodium Hyaluronate in Phantom Silks Skincare Primer is approximately seven times higher than that found in conventional serums and creams

  • What ingredients are in this product?

    Sodium Hyaluronate and PEG-5M

  • What is nanofibre technology?

    Nanofibre technology is a modern way of spinning a microscopically non-woven textile, which means the fibres are laid over each other at random. This creates a unique tapestry of extremely fine fibres that can carry actives but dissolve rapidly when wet, delivering the actives exactly where they are needed, when they are needed, enabling improved performance and efficiency.

  • Is nanofibre technology safe to use?

    The nanofibre materials used to manufacture Phantom Silks are specifically formulated and independently tested to be safe to use.