OnlyOnAOL: Beyonce's makeup artist reveals her go-to beauty picks

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Sir John, L'Oreal Paris celebrity makeup artist, has one of the best jobs in the biz: He makes Beyonce look fierce and fabulous before red carpet events and shows. It doesn't hurt that Sir John also happens to be one very cool cat who's not fazed by the star sitting in his makeup chair.

"Yes, Jay Z is her husband. She's a celebrity. But she's a client. I'm not here to have drinks with you," he says. "She's a sweetheart. She's a regular girl. When you're with her, she's a family member. You walk outside, then you remember when you see her security."

Working with Beyonce requires two skill sets.

"There's the stage her, and the red carpet her. They're two different women in terms of aesthetic. She's embracing the fact that she loves no-makeup makeup but she's involved in her look. She'll either go big or go beachy and soft and fresh," says Sir John.

He and Beyonce share a few favorite products.

"We're both obsessed with Artis brushes. They're everything in terms of application of product. In terms of complexion, there's nothing like it. We started to play around with them. And they're beautiful," he says. "We're big fans of foundation-wise, the Urban Decay Naked concealer. You can't go wrong. We love Tom Ford lipsticks because they're rich in texture and super dense. And we love the Kat von D Studded Kiss lipstick. B is not into sheer washes of color. She's either in Chapstick or a full-on opaque lip."

His go-to products for every woman:
A Clarisonic would be awesome. I think it's great to exfoliate and make sure you don't have any dead cells.
Ren peel, which is what I use on B a lot of times before shows. It gives you a more vibrant and luminous complexion.
Hypnose mascara by Lancome is my jam. I can make lashes look like feathers.
L'Oreal Paris infallible pro lip color. You can have a mic in your face. It won't move. It won't rub off on the microphone.
I'm obsessed with Tom Ford's bronzer in gold dust. It's the most beautiful compact I've ever seen.
The brow pumper gel by L'Oreal Paris. It gives you 3D brows. This gives you volume.