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Adele’s makeup artist reveals the foundation hack that blends her makeup so smoothly

Adele’s makeup artist reveals the foundation hack that blends her makeup so smoothly

Adele’s makeup artist reveals the foundation hack that blends her makeup so smoothly

It's known for delivering an airbrushed finish

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Alongside her incredible voice, stage presence and just generally seeming like the sort of person you could be best mates with, I can’t get enough of Adele’s makeup. Of course, the singer has long been known for her signature winged eyeliner. It’s nothing short of iconic, really. But since coming back into the spotlight with her latest album, 30, Adele has sported some major beauty moments.

We’ve had the Someone Like You singer also nail that viral TikTok blusher trend, 60s backcombed hair and dark smoky eyeshadow. Even when she’s performing to a crowd of thousands under strong, hot lights, her makeup just does not budge and if she’s wearing stronger bronzer and blusher for the stage, it always looks so smooth and blended.

As somebody who blends and buffs their makeup until my non-exist biceps ache and still struggles to shift harsh contour lines, I’m baffled. But now, her makeup artist Anthony H. Nguyen has revealed just how he blends out the singer’s makeup so smoothly.

In case you (somehow) missed it, Adele dominated London for two nights when she performed at BTS Hyde Park. Anthony shared some pictures of his incredible makeup artistry (seriously, how incredible does she look?!), alongside a cute backstage shot of the MUA blending Adele’s makeup.

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I won’t lie, at first glance, I thought that was a spoon (lol) – until I zoomed in and realised Anthony is using one of those paddle-like brushes that you may have seen all over TikTok. Also known as oval makeup brushes, these tools feature very, very densely-packed bristles and firm brush heads that help it act as one flat surface. In fact, these type of makeup brushes are known for delivering a more airbrushed finish and blurring out harsh lines.

However, if you decide to dash out to your closest Boots to get your hands on one, there's one thing you should know. Due to the larger dimensions of the brush head, it can be tempting to think you need more foundation but you really don’t. As the bristles are packed so tightly, it’s less likely to soak up product so definitely build up your base with these tools.

Tempted to try one? Upon some investigation, I would hazard a guess to say it looks like Anthony is using the Artis Elite Mirror Oval 7 brush – a bit spenny but clearly delivers results.

Elite Mirror Oval 7


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