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Artis Makeup Brushes Review

Artis Makeup Brushes Review


Artis Makeup Brushes Review

A makeup artistry brand has been making waves in the beauty industry, and for good reason – Artis Brushes known for their patented innovative design.


A makeup artistry brand has been making waves in the beauty industry, and for good reason – Artis Brushes known for their patented innovative design. These showstopper makeup brushes combining sleek modern design with practical ergonomics to produce a tool that is simple and easy to use. But do they live up to the hype? Let’s delve into the world of Artis Brushes and find out.

Artis Brushes are not your average makeup brushes. They are the originators of Oval Makeup Brushes and CosmeFibre, including the Elite Brush Collection, Digit Brush Collection, Fluenta Brush Collection, and BrushCraft Collection, among others. Each collection offers something unique, but all share the same commitment to quality and innovation.

“Artis Brushes are the epitome of ease and luxury in makeup application. They are worth every penny for the seamless and effortless application they provide,” said  Jeanel Alvarado, Founder & CEO of RetailBoss.

Elite Mirror Brushes Kit

One of the standout features of Artis Brushes is their bristles. Made from the finest materials, these brushes boast soft bristles that don’t feel frayed or ragged. The bristles are held in place by a secure, metal ferrule to prevent shedding, ensuring longevity and flawless makeup application.

“Artis Brushes are the softest makeup brushes I’ve ever used to apply my foundation and blushes. Their super tapered end makes applying makeup easier than with traditional brushes,” said Alvarado. “Artis Brushes are a must-have for anyone serious about their makeup game. They are easy to use, deliver professional results, and are worth the investment.”


But what truly sets Artis Brushes apart is their performance. Users have reported that these brushes apply any product – cream, powder, or liquid – incredibly smoothly. In fact, some have noticed their makeup goes on 10 times smoother when using these brushes compared to other brands. And as an added bonus, these brushes never shed!

Elite Oval 7 Brush

Elite Oval 7

The Elite Oval 7 Brush, for instance, is perfect for applying foundation, blush, and bronzer. Its size is just right for quick application, and it blends foundation down the neck easily, preventing any visible lines where makeup stops. It offers a fibre bundle about the size and shape of the apple of the cheek, making it perfect for seamless application and blending of makeup products. The brush is available in different finishes including mirror, smoke, and midnight black.

Elite Oval 4 Brush

Artis Makeup Brushes Review

The Elite Oval 4 is about the size of the end pad of your little finger, making it ideal for applying and blending eyeshadow, concealer, and highlighter. It can be used with liquid, cream, or powder products, including foundation, loose or pressed powder, and focused skincare products. The solid metal handle of the brush features a double oval design that mimics the shapes and areas of the face.

Elite Oval 3 Brush

Artis Makeup Brushes Review

The Elite Oval 3 Brush, on the other hand, is ideal for blending concealer under the eyes, around the nose, and sometimes around the lips. It blends products so well that there isn’t a harsh line where the product stops. It is suitable for applying lip color, eyeshadow, eyebrow color, concealer, highlight, setting powder (both loose and pressed), and focused skincare products.

Elite Linear 6 Brush

Elite Linear 6

The Elite Linear 6 Brush is a high-quality makeup tool designed for precise application of various products. It is the longest and widest fibre bundle linear brush offered by Artis, slightly shorter than the length of an average lash line. This design allows it to apply products to linear shaped areas of the face such as eyebrows, or it can be turned sideways to sweep product across the eyes or cheeks. The brush is versatile, compatible with liquid, cream, or powder products including eyeshadow, eyebrow color, eyeliner, concealer, highlight, and skincare products.

Elite Linear 1 Brush

Elite Linear 1

The Elite Linear 1 Brush, which often comes with the set, is great for applying or blending out eyeliner. It can create a pretty thin line and can also blend your eyeliner for a smoky look. The brush features the thinnest fibre bundle among the Linear brushes, creating a line shape about 2mm wide, making it ideal for creating precise lines around the eyes and filling in eyebrows.

Final Thoughts

Artis Brushes are more than just a beauty tool – they’re an investment in your makeup routine. They offer a smooth finish, make it easy to blend in your product, and provide remarkable results. While they may be a bit of an investment, the consensus among users is that these brushes are definitely worth the price. So why not give Artis Brushes a try and experience the difference for yourself?


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