Artis Makeup Brushes Review

brighton butler artis makeup brushes  

Happy Monday, y’all! I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a good friend come in town this weekend to visit — and it was SUCH a blast. We did so many fun things like enjoy dinner at RH Rooftop (I’d actually never been to the Dallas location and it’s amazing!), had brunch at rise, and just spent a lot of time catching up and lounging around the house. It was truly the best weekend.

I’m super excited about today’s blog post because I feel like I’ve gotten a *ton* of requests and questions in my DMs about the Artis makeup brushes and if they’re actually worth the cost. Keep in mind that I’m certainly no makeup or beauty expert, but I’ve been using these for quite a while now so I thought I’d give my honest review.

Let me just start by saying that before I got these brushes, I had one or two cheap makeup brushes that I would use for everything — or I’d use my hands to rub in my foundation, apply my eyeshadow, etc. (I know, I know.) I think it was a combination of not knowing how to do my makeup properly and just being too lazy to actually use the correct brushes, but I was SHOCKED at the difference I experienced in my makeup when I started using brushes that are actually dedicated to each product I was using.

I personally have the 10-piece brush set from Artis, so I’ve had to learn how to use each of these brushes differently. But once you figure it out, you’ll never look back… trust me! So, without further adieu, here’s my honest review of the Artis makeup brushes.


When I first started hearing the hype for these brushes, I was skeptical to buy into it. I mean, how much difference can a brush make in your makeup routine anyway? But as soon as I got my brushes, I started to see why everyone was talking about them. For starters, they are the SOFTEST makeup brushes I’ve ever used. Although I’ve historically been pretty lazy with my brush game, I’ve tried quite a few over the years — and none hold a candle to the softness of the Artis brushes. Because these brushes are man-made (and cruelty-free), they have a super tapered end that makes it easier to apply your makeup than a brush made from animal hair.

We also have to talk about the look of these brushes. They look so sleek displayed on my bathroom vanity (I always keep mine in an old Diptyque candle)! Plus, the rubbery grips make them super comfortable to hold. These brushes are designed noticeably differently than any other brush I’ve tried.

Finally, let’s talk about the application process. I love how the flat, forward-facing brush head makes you feel “in control” when you’re putting on your makeup. Because of the man-made bristles, these brushes apply any product (cream, powder, or liquid) SO smoothly. I’ve noticed my makeup goes on 10x smoother when I use these brushes versus another brand. Oh, and added bonus, these brushes never shed!


The cost is definitely the biggest con of these brushes, which go anywhere from $37 to $80 per brush. Most brushes run anywhere from $10-$30, so this is a big step up in cost, especially if you’re buying more than one. As I mentioned earlier, I have the 10-piece brush set which costs $370. Absolutely a splurge!

Another con of these brushes is that they can put the product on a little thicker than your standard brush, so you may have to blend your product more than normal so it doesn’t come across as cakey when you apply. I honestly found it to not be a big deal but I could see how it could be a turn-off to some people who may like super light coverage.


One question I’ve gotten regularly is if I’d spend my money on the Artis brushes or if the BeautyBlender would work just as well. Honestly, I’ve used both options and love them both. I think if you’re on a tight budget, the BeautyBlender is a great option. However, if money isn’t as much of a concern, the Artis brushes really can’t be beaten.

I love that the BeautyBlender can be used wet or dry, and I’ve always found that it provides really great coverage. But it can be a huge pain to clean (at least I thought so) and I usually have to replace mine every six months or so, whereas my Artis brushes have lasted for years. The biggest difference between the BeautyBlender and Artis brushes is that the blender can’t be used with powder makeup, so it’s a bit limited when it comes to its uses.

If I had to choose between the two, the Artis brushes would definitely be my first choice. The cost isn’t *that* different when you consider the fact that you’ll be re-purchasing your blender every six-ish months at $20 each time. You’ll have made up the difference in cost in about a year!


My short answer to this is YES. I definitely think the Artis makeup brushes are worth the cost. I don’t wear a ton of makeup every day (unless I’m shooting), so I don’t even use every single brush each day. But I love that each brush was designed specifically for the product it’s used for, and my makeup goes on so much more smoothly when I use these. Plus, as I said earlier, these brushes will last. Like a long time. So for me, I’d rather spend a bit more on these brushes now and keep them for a long time than have a cheaper brush that I have to replace every year.




brighton butler artis makeup brushes