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Daily Candid News

Daily Candid News

If you’re like us, you have a zillion makeup brushes of all shapes and sizes. But here’s the one brush you need: the Fini Brush from Artis, a universal makeup tool.

Not only is it the perfect configuration, with a unique curved handle with grip pads on either side which makes application a breeze, the bristles — the most important part of any brush — are superior quality. Made from  200,000 engineered ‘CosmeFibres’ they create professional blending and distribution of makeup products across the skin.

We use ours to apply a foundation, contour, blush, highlighting, skincare, and setting powder to areas of the face and body.




From the French word “fini” which translates to ‘finished’ (you knew that), it provides a flawless finish. At $29.50 it’s an affordable luxury.

P.S. While you’re on the site, check out the other makeup brushes! (We want ALL of them.)



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