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My New Artis Fini Brush

My New Artis Fini Brush


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Recently, I was sent the Artis Fini multipurpose makeup brush to try out.

I own one other genuine Artis brush, the Oval 6 from the BrushCraft collection, that appears to be discontinued. Glad I snagged it while it was still around! Although the Oval 7 is often recommended as the perfect foundation brush, I prefer a small head because I always thought it was easier to maneuver. 

New Artis Fini Brush

When I opened the package containing the Fini brush, I was surprised because it was a new version of one of the Artis “palm” brushes. At first, I thought it looked big compared to the small brushes that I am used to using. It’s a brush that you hold by the oval-shaped handle that fits horizontally across the brush. 

As I mentioned above, I had always thought it was easier to use a makeup brush with a smaller head. But I think I was wrong.

Why It’s Called “Fini”

In French, the word “fini” means the end. Artis chose that word for their new brush because it’s considered the end all, be all in makeup brushes. And after using it for several days, I understand why! It’s a universal makeup brush that can be used to apply:

  • powders, liquids and cream
  • serums and moisturizers as well as makeup
  • makeup products including foundation, blush, contour, highlighters, setting powder, and even concealer
  • on the face or the body.

IMHO, it’s the perfect size: neither too big nor too small. It’s easy to hold in my hand via the oval or “fin” shaped handle on top and maneuver on my face. That handle has slight indentations that act as “grip pads” to give the brush excellent control.

Since the CosmeFibre bristles covers more territory than my usual Oval 6, it actually makes foundation application quicker. Plus, it gives makeup products a lovely finish on the skin. 

The Bristle Pad

The shape of the bristle area is narrower at the tip. Thus, it can be used in smaller areas such as under the eyes and around the nose. The egg shape makes it perfect for applying blush or highlighter. So handy not to have to reach for another brush! 

With a zillion proprietary CosmeFibres, it feels like velvet on my skin.

Because Artis products are made with such high levels of quality and craftsmanship, I doubt that a hunk of the bristles are going to come out like they did with my Artis knock-off! 😉

Fini’s Key Points from Artis

  • The Fini Brush is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, providing superb application control.

  • A unique curved handle [which echoes the “fin” of a tropical fish] projects upward from the base of the metallized-finish dome, and includes grip pads on either side that allow the fingertips to more easily hold the brush during use.

  • The proprietary fibres deliver superior application of product. The bundle section securely holds a dense but gentle fibre bundle that consists of over 200,000 engineered CosmeFibres which impart superior blending and distribution of makeup products across the skin.

  • With its ultra-minimalist design, the Fini Brush is destined to be to be a universal favorite among women and men alike.

  • This brush applies and blends foundation, blush, highlights, and setting powder over the face and body with a few gentle gliding or circular movements.

Another One of the Best Parts!

What I also love about the Fini universal makeup brush is that it is affordably priced: $29.50!! Buy one for yourself and buy a couple more for holiday gifts. I can only imagine how delighted a makeup lover would be to find one in their holiday stocking.

In addition to being sold on the Artis website, you can also buy the Fini on

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been wanting to try an Artis makeup brush, I think the multipurpose Fini brush might just be the one to try. I like mine so much, I’ve been wearing foundation everyday because it’s so much fun to use and so quick to apply.



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