the by dria wellness gift guide

PRIMA ‘night magic’ face oil

if I want to wake up with a glow (aka always), I use this oil at night as my last skincare step. it hydrates and softens the skin.

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WELL TOLD HEALTH  turmeric booster 

this supplement is only made with organic turmeric, a known anti-inflammatory, in vegan pill capsules, so you really know what you're putting into your body. I like to make sure I'm reducing inflammation however I can, especially because I occasionally like to indulge in my diet and I (obviously) experience stress. taking this daily has helped fight inflammation, even when other elements in my life might be causing it.

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SYMBIOME ‘the answer’ serum

Symbiome’s ‘the answer’ serum is what I consider the holy grail. it has completely changed my skin and now I can’t live without it. there are only 6 ingredients, including stem cell media and peptides. I have noticed an increase in collagen production and better overall skin texture since using it. it's also one of my secrets to fighting fine lines and wrinkles!

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SYMBIOME ‘the one’ cream

I love this hydrating moisturizer especially during the colder months. it only has 3 ingredients and truly makes me glow.

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ARTIS ‘elite oval 7’ brush

I use this to blend my tinted moisturizer and foundation. it makes it super easy and blends perfectly. 

TEN OVER TEN ‘the sole mate’ foot balm 

I love how this product is so seamless to use. it's something I didn’t know I needed and now is essential to moisturize and protect my feet, especially during winter months.

FACEGYM ‘multi-sculpt’ contouring tool

I love this tool to reduce facial tension and lymphatic drainage to de-puff my skin when I wake up. it can instantly wake up my face and give me a lift.


so I love Athletic Greens when I can’t get enough greens in my diet. I’m always on the go so it helps fill in my nutrient gaps and helps my gut health over all, as it gets me what I need instantly. price point doesn’t hurt either.

BALA ‘the play’ mat 

this non-slip mat is the chicest mat I could find to keep in my apt. I love the shape and how thin yet comfortable it is.

charcoal // blush

BALA ‘bangles’ weights 

these are my go-to always. easy to grab and use anywhere. I have gray and black pairs.

VARLEY ‘let’s go’ workout set

I love Varley’s sets so much because of the fit and the versatility. I always feel like I can go from workout to lunch to errands and feel chic and comfortable.

bra // pants

CHARLOTTE TILBURY ‘hot lips 2’ lipstick in ‘red hot susan’

I love a red lip, especially during the holidays. the key is long lasting for me, and this one does just that while keeping my lips hydrated.

SUMMER FRIDAYS ‘blush balm sticks’

I love a product that does more than one thing. I recently discovered this balm stick and can’t stop using it day and night for blush and lip tint.

CADENCE capsules

I have been using these for awhile now and they are truly life changing for travel and being on the go. I am the type of person who needs to have food with my vitamins so I am constantly using a Cadence capsule to hold my daily vitamins and take with me for the day.  between skincare, matcha and supplement organization, travel is now seamless with these capsules.

JASON SCOTT alpaca socks

truly the coziest socks around, made of alpaca yarn.

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I am in love with this tool. I integrated this into my daily morning routine for almost a year now and haven't looked back! it is a 24K gold vibrating bar that instantly wakes up my face. I use it in the morning because my skin takes a while to wake up, but it has also made my skin more toned and lifted. its vibration mimics the effects of a massage so it relaxes facial muscles and helps my jaw tension. I only do it for a few minutes each morning but over time this has really paid off. it also helps to set my serum and/or moisturizer as well. if I am feeling like I need some extra face love I will do it at night with a face oil.