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The Fashion Magpie article

The Fashion Magpie article

More Honest Reviews of Hyped Products, Including Artis Brushes and Klorane Dry Shampoo.

*Image above from Artis.

EDITORIAL UPDATE: Since the publication of this post, Artis has reached out to me to let me know that Walmart is not an authorized retailer of their makeup brushes, and that they cannot therefore guarantee that any brush purchased there is authentic. They suggested purchasing their brushes from either Sephora or Nordstrom (both authorized retailers). For my part, I did purchase my brush from Walmart and am enthusiastic with the results but wanted to flag for future readers/buyers, as their note left me leery of the price difference. I plan to buy future Artis brushes from authorized retailers.


This is my third post in a series featuring honest reviews of hyped products: read about the Revlon One Step (and more) here and Billie razors (and more) more here.

Artis Mirror Brush.

Wow wow wow — this makeup brush is a must-own product (<<and it is for some reason a good deal cheaper here than anywhere else on the web). I feel as though I’ve been misapplying and wasting my tinted moisturizer/foundation for my entire life without these! These brushes apply product so smoothly (leaving no track marks/lines) and do not absorb anything, whereas using my fingers or even my BeautyBlender has wasted a lot of product in the past. The key is using short strokes left/right instead of dabbing. I normally hate adding any extra steps to my daily regimen and have for some time applied both tinted moisturizer and concealer using my fingers because of this — but I have made an exception for the Artis brush because it is that good. I bought their branded cleansing wipes to care for it, but I’m pretty sure any makeup brush cleanser would work with it. Of all the products I have tried in the last few weeks, this is my number one pick.

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