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Touch up: 15 of the best make-up brushes to buy now

Touch up: 15 of the best make-up brushes to buy now


Touch up: 15 of the best make-up brushes to buy now

Vogue editors researched and compared the 15 best make-up brushes, from fluffy kabukis to sleek and tapered eyeshadow brushes.


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Buying a new make-up brush is almost as difficult as buying a new make-up product itself. There are so many products on the market right now that all offer flawless skin and beautiful coverage, but how do you know who is telling the truth and which brand is simply best left on the shelf? We’ve done the hard work for you and trawled the internet to find the best-rated, high-quality options that deliver on their promises.

From kabuki to tapered, eyeshadow to lip, these make-up brushes are sure to pack a punch when it comes to delivering the goods. Say goodbye to streak marks and creased under eyes for good when you add one of the following 15 make-up brushes to your shopping cart—because we all know a great tool will take time off your make-up routine, and we could all use a couple of extra minutes in the day.

Take a look below for Vogue’s top picks of the best make-up brushes in Australia.


The best make-up brushes in Australia for 2022

Eyeshadow brushes


Sigma Beauty

One of the easiest synthetic brushes to apply and blend eyeshadow with, this tool will soon become your new favourite. Perfect for blending, it’s great for that subtle, seamless eyeshadow look.

Brush shape: Tapered | Function: Eyeshadow | Product type: Synthetic | Shipping: $6 standard delivery

SHOP NOW: Sigma Beauty E40 tapered blending brush, $28 from Sephora


Sisley Paris

Crafted with a double-sided end, this brush is ideal for sculpting the eyes. The angled shape makes it easier to blend and apply colour to whatever area of the eye you like. The bristles are also super soft which is always a plus.

Brush shape: Angled | Function: Eyeshadow | Product type: Synthetic | Shipping: Free standard shipping

SHOP NOW: Eyeshadow smudge brush, $75 from Sisley Paris



If you need a new brush for that sleek liner look, then look no further. The firmly bristled, flat shape of this option allows for greater control over your application so you can add instant definition.

Brush shape: Flat | Function: Eyeshadow, eyeliner | Product type: Synthetic | Shipping: $10 standard shipping

SHOP NOW: 212 synthetic flat definer brush, $41 from M.A.C.

Blush and bronzer brushes


Makeup by Mario

This Makeup by Mario dual-end brush is ideal for blending cream products and providing a flawless finish. The smaller end is great for more precise areas like the nose or the hollows of the cheeks, while the larger end can be used for broader areas like the cheekbones and jawline. It's a foundation, bronzer and blush brush in one!

Brush style: Dual-end | Function: Blush, bronzer, contour, foundation, concealer, highlighter | Product type: Synthetic and natural blend | Shipping: Free standard shipping

SHOP NOW: F1 make-up brush, $54 from Makeup by Mario



After that perfect glow? This highlighter brush is ideal for applying highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones and other high points of the face. The fanned out bristles allow you to pick up just the right amount of powder and build whatever level of glow you want.

Brush shape: Fan | Function: Highlighter | Product type: Vegan, cruelty-free | Shipping: $14-20 for standard shipping

SHOP NOW: Rainforest of the Sea highlighting fan brush, $34 (originally $42) from Tarte Cosmetics


Real Techniques

This cult classic brush will see your cheeks perfectly rosey and cheekbones sharply contoured. The ultra-firm, dense yet soft brush head is ideal for professionals and beginners alike and will provide precise application.

Brush shape: Round | Function: Cream blush, powder bronzer | Product type: Taklon, synthetic | Shipping: Free standard shipping

SHOP NOW: Real Techniques expert face brush, $24.99 from Adore Beauty


Napoleon Perdis

Control your powder and make-up application with this luxuriously soft kabuki brush. Made for applying finishing powders, blushes and bronzers, the short handle helps ensure application is controlled and easy.

Brush shape: Kabuki | Function: Powder, blush | Product type: Synthetic | Shipping: Free standard shipping

SHOP NOW: Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish kabuki brush, $29 from Adore Beauty


Elf Cosmetics

This slim tapered powder brush may be designed for highlighter but it works just as well for blush and contour too. The soft texture of the brush works to provide an even application and a flawless finish.

Brush shape: Kabuki | Function: Powder, blush and bronzer | Product type: Synthetic | Shipping: Free standard shipping

SHOP NOW: Elf highlighter brush, $16 from Adore Beauty

Concealer brushes


Anastasia Beverly Hills

We all know just how annoying creased concealer is. This brush from Anastasia Beverly Hills promises to fix that issue. The round, flat shape delivers concealer flawlessly so that it looks like second skin. Made from soft, synthetic bristles, the brush doesn’t absorb product so that the maximum amount of concealer is applied precisely where you need it most.

Brush shape: Round, flat | Function: Concealer | Product type: Synthetic | Shipping: Free standard shipping over US$50

SHOP NOW: Anastasia Beverly Hills brush #18, $18 (originally $32) from Anastasia Beverly Hills



The cult brand has done it again with this high-performance concealer brush. Made in a unique half-moon shape that contours to the face, your concealer will never be the same again.

Brush shape: Half-moon | Function: Concealer | Product type: Vegan Taklon | Shipping: $11.50 standard shipping

SHOP NOW: Hourglass Vanish seamless finish concealer brush, $69.30 from Cult Beauty

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Sephora Collection

This brush is designed to mimic fingertip application so if you prefer the look of your concealer applied with your fingertips but don't want to finger paint, then this is the one for you. The brush also has a dual purpose: one side of the tapered brush is designed to place and smooth, while the other side is used to sheer and blend.

Brush shape: Tapered | Function: Concealer | Product type: Synthetic | Shipping: Free standard shipping over $25

SHOP NOW: Classic concealer brush 02, $25 from Sephora


IT Cosmetics

A two-in-one concealer and foundation brush, what more could you want? Blend and even out your foundation before simply flipping the brush to buff out your concealer. One thing that makes this brush even more of a must-have is that it was designed in collaboration with plastic surgeons to help you achieve that highly sought-after airbrushed effect.

Brush style: Double side | Function: Foundation, concealer | Product type: Cruelty-free | Shipping: Free standard shipping

SHOP NOW: IT Cosmetics complexion perfection brush #7, $72 from Adore Beauty


Artis Brush

This brush may be a bit luxe but the results are worth it. Packed with velvet-soft CosmeFibre® filaments and a curved handle for added strength and flexibility, this high-quality brush makes blending your foundation has never been so easy.

Brush shape: Oval | Function: Foundation | Product type: CosmeFibre filaments | Shipping: $10 express shipping

SHOP NOW: Artis Brush elite mirror oval 7 brush, $126.37 from Revolve

Lip brushes


Charlotte Tilbury

A lip brush may seem indulgent when you can easily apply lipstick or lipgloss straight onto your lips, but if you’re wanting a touch more accuracy then perhaps a precision brush is in order. Featuring a specially-designed squared end, this brush allows you to get right into the inner corners of your mouth so you can achieve even coverage.

Brush shape: Squared | Function: Lips | Product type: Synthetic | Shipping: $10 standard shipping

SHOP NOW: Lip brush rose gold & night crimson, $38 from Charlotte Tilbury

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