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Signs That You Should Replace Your Beauty Blending Sponge

Signs That You Should Replace Your Beauty Blending Sponge
Signs That You Should Replace Your Beauty Blending Sponge
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When you finally find a beauty product that works, it can be hard to let go. There's no worse feeling that having to replace your favorite item, only to pick up an alternative that just doesn't get the job done in the same way. You may have a makeup kit full of sponges that target different areas of your face, but you still gravitate to your go-to beauty blending sponge every single time, even if it's looking a little worse for wear and has layers upon layers of dirt and old makeup.

But cleaning your beauty blending sponge is incredibly important for your skin's health. We can't stress this enough. In an interview with Bustle, Artis Brush Founder and Former MAC Senior Executive Matthew Waitesmith explained that reusing unwashed makeup brushes and sponges can lead to bacteria buildup, when then gets reapplied to your face and causes your skin to break out. "[The bacteria buildup] can trigger your skin to try and control the overloaded layer by reacting to it with a rash, or blistering, or skin eruptions," he explained.

If your beauty blending sponge has been living unwashed in the bottom of your bag for a long time, it may be time to say goodbye. There's another sign you need to look out for if you're unsure your beauty blending sponge is still safe to use.

If your sponge lost its color or is more than three months old, toss it
You should wash all of your makeup tools on a regular basis so they last longer. After cleaning your beauty blending sponge, if you notice that it hasn't gone back to its original color and still has makeup caked on it, you will most likely have to replace it. If you use your sponge religiously and blend different makeup products with it, this is bound to happen (via InStyle).

In fact, if your beauty blending sponge is more than three months, you should stop using it because it won't be as effective. Buying a new one means you won't have to worry about your skin breaking out as much since there won't be any product buildup (via Skincare by L'Oréal). If you get into the habit of cleaning and replacing your well loved makeup tools often, your glowy and flawless skin will thank you for it.

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