Brush Cleaning Pad, Travel-Sized

The Artis® Travel-Sized Brush Cleaning Pad features the same antimicrobial-treated microfibre cloth from the Essential Brush Cleaning Pad, now made in a smaller circle with an elastic handle. There are millions of fibre strands per square inch in the Travel-Sized Brush Cleaning Pad that gently grabs and removes makeup product residue from the brush fibres. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, this circular pad is 4" in diameter and can be hand-washed. This is a perfect version to take on-the-go or display on your vanity.

How it works: The circular pad features an elastic handle, so you can wear it on your hand during use. Simply swipe the brush across the surface of the cloth to clean and remove makeup residue.

“Cleaning” or nominal cleaning use: When using mostly powder products, the Artis brushes can be “cleared” from one powder to another by simply wiping the brush tips several times across the dry surface of the microfiber cloth. This action pulls the powder residue from the tips, making the brush ready to accept another powder product for application. This method is particularly useful when applying eye shadows and switching from one color to another without the need to completely wash the brush.

“Full” cleaning use: Apply a small amount of Artis Brush Cleansing Foam to the surface of the cloth or to the brush fibres. Then stroke/wipe the brush across the antimicrobial microfiber cloth until the makeup residue is transferred to the cloth, leaving the brush clean in seconds. Reshape the brush and allow to dry.