Brush Cleansing Wipes


The same Brush Cleansing Wipes you know and love in brand new packaging!

Easily and effectively dissolve leftover makeup residue from brushes using our Brush Cleansing Wipes. Great for on-the-go or a quick clean in between formulas, cleanse your brushes in seconds. 

Available in packages:

  • 30 count
  • 10 count 
  • 1 count

How to Use:

  • Remove wipe from pouch and for multi-count packages, reseal pack.
  • Gently massage the brush fibres with the wipe to help dissolve makeup residue. 
  • After using the wipe on the fibre bundle, swipe your brush across the Artis Brush Cleansing Pad to remove any remaining moisture. The brush fibres will dry in just minutes.

Please note: this product contains fragrance.