Essential Pad and Brush Cleansing Foam


A powerful brush cleansing duo to keep tools as clean as new. Curated with our beloved Essential Brush Cleaning Pad and our new and improved Brush Cleansing Foam 


  • Brush Cleaning Pad, Essential
  • NEW Brush Cleansing Foam 5.07 fl oz

How to Use:

  • After using powder products, glide your brush along our antimicrobial-treated, microfibre Essential Pad to lift excess product off of the brush fibres and seamlessly move between shades.
  • After cream or liquid products, pair our fan-favorite Brush Cleansing Foam with your Essential Pad to remove stubborn formulas. Your brush will be dry in seconds, ready for your next step.
  • To replace the cloth, pull apart the top and bottom sections of the Brush Cleaning Pad. The cloth is held onto the top section by an elasticized band. Pull/stretch the cloth away from the top section and discard appropriately. Place a new cloth over the top section by adjusting the elastic until it fits snugly. The loop/pile side of the cloth should face up. Align the top and bottom sections of the pad and push together until the top is snug against the bottom. You should consider cleaning your brushes daily or weekly, and replace the microfiber cloth with an appropriate frequency.