Travel-size Brush Cleaning Pad and Cleansing Foam


Mini but powerful, achieve ultra-clean brushes in a few easy steps with our travel-size brush cleansing essentials. Curated with our travel-sized Brush Cleaning Pad and our new and improved travel-sized Brush Cleansing Foam.


  • Brush Cleaning Pad, Travel-size
  • NEW Brush Cleansing Foam 2.03 fl oz

How to Use:

  • After using powder products, glide your brush along our travel-size Brush Cleaning Pad to lift excess product off of the brush fibres and seamlessly move between shades.
  • After cream or liquid products, pair our fan-favorite Brush Cleansing Foam with your Brush Cleaning Pad to remove stubborn formulas. Your brush will be dry in seconds, ready for your next step.